You can get a free 55-inch Smart TV – but there's a catch

The Telly is a dual-screen TV, which can be yours free of charge

The Telly Smart TV in action
(Image credit: Telly)

When you hear the words "Free 55-inch TV" you're allowed to be more than a bit sceptical. But, in fairness to the folks at Telly, that is right – users can sign up to their service and bag a free TV.

In fact, it's more than just that. The Telly isn't just a 55-inch TV, it's a dual-screen TV with a 55-inch main display and a smaller sub-display. Those two panels are joined by a soundbar, too. The sub-display can also be configured to play games, show news and manage a Zoom call.

Specs-wise it's no slouch either. Full technical specs are missing from the site, but the main panel is 4K and the soundbar features a 5-driver setup for immersive audio.

So what's the catch? Well, you have to give up all of your usage data to get it. See, the sub-display is mainly used like an advertising hoarding, feeding a steady stream of ads without disrupting the content on screen.

According to the company, this is how they're able to offer it for free – the brands who advertise offset the cost. You do need to give a credit card to get one though, and if you disable those access rights, you'll either have to return the TV or face a $500 charge.

There's also a camera installed on top. That's used for things like Zoom calls and interactive games. 

It's certainly an interesting idea. I actually really like the design, with the sub-display and the main display, joined by a built-in soundbar. 

I'm far less enthused by the dystopian nature of it. Between giving up all of your data and having a built-in webcam, the whole thing feels a bit Orwellian.

It would be a tough sell if this was coming from a well-known, reputable brand. Coming from an unheard of start-up with a deal that feels a little too good to be true? It's a no from me.

If you are interested, though, you can sign up on the Telly website to reserve yours. Shipments are expected to start this summer, and are available to US users at the moment.

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