Xiaomi's cheap folding ebike is now £400 cheaper in this epic Halfords deal

You could now buy three of these Xiaomi Mi Smart folding electric bikes for the price of one Electric Brompton!

Xiaomi Mi Smart folding ebike deal
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Are you among the millions of people rushing to snap up an ebike? We've just detected an outstanding deal on a folding electric bike that was already good value, even at its launch price. It's now under £1,000 which is pretty exceptional for a folding electric bike made by a brand you've actually heard of. Here is is, brace yourselves…

• Buy Xiaomi Mi Smart folding electric bike at Halfords for £999 – was £1,399, so you’re saving £400!

You can find the Xiaomi Mi Smart exclusively at Halfords, and also in our best electric bike top 10. It's got small wheels and it's a little low to the ground but don't be deceived; it's fun to ride, well built and packed with features – gears and integrated lights, for instance – that you don't always find on cheap ebikes.

Xiaomi Mi Smart folding electric bike unfolded and folded

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Xiaomi Mi Smart folding ebike

Xiaomi Mi Smart folding ebike £999, was £1,399, previously £1,499  at Halfords
This ebike seemed like very good value to us when it launched at £1,499. It's now £500 cheaper than that! The folding mechanism is simple but effective and folds down very neatly, in seconds. The motor pushes the bike to 15.5mph with ease, and can go for a maximum of 25 miles in total, which is enough for the sort of short jaunts and commutes that this ebike is designed to do.

Why you should buy the Xiaomi Mi Smart folding electric bike

Although it's not most stylish electric bike ever, the Xiaomi Mi Smart is built to be practical, and it delivers. Three power setting and three gears mean it can deal with hills and tricky starts with ease, while the compact size means it folds down very small and almost as quickly and smartly as Brompton's famous folding bikes and ebikes.

Weighing just 15kg, the Xiaomi Mi Smart is also pretty lightweight by electric bike standards, so it's not too arduous to carry it up stairs. It can also be trundled along while partially folded, using the saddle as a handle. 

The built-in lights are slightly oddly placed – the design of the frame means they are quite low – but they provide excellent supplementary illumination, and should be sufficient for use in summer time. 

We found riding this bike pretty enjoyable, as the motor pushes it quickly to 15.5mph, and then you just cruise along. You could pedal like the wind and go faster of course, but with this particular ebike we preferred to let the motor do most of the work, and stick to around 15mph. Despite the scaled-down, unusual frame design it feels stable. The small wheels are not going to enjoy encounters with potholes, grates and high kerbs, so watch where you're going, but they do make the bike feel nippier than it actually is. It's an enjoyable and safe riding experience, overall.

Now feast your eyes on this gallery of Xiaomi Mi Smart ebike images.

If you're looking for a cheap, folding electric bike, you can't go wrong with the Xiaomi Mi Smart, especially with this price cut. Halfords offers up to 12 months interest-free credit on it, lifetime safety checks at its numerous stores, various care plans and can even sort out purchase via the Cycle To Work scheme, saving you up to 42% on the Mi Smart's already low price.

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