Xbox video: We just can't stop gazing at this jaw-dropping new Xbox console

Say hello to Xbox Project Oris in this stunning new video

Xbox Series X Project Oris
(Image credit: Joseph Dumary)

The Xbox Series X sounds better and better with each passing day, with its next-gen gaming hardware looking set to deliver some truly wondrous new game worlds to explore. With a winter holiday period release date locked in, there's going to be a lot of happy gamers opening new Xbox consoles comes Xmas morning.

But the next-gen gaming functionality delivered by Xbox Series X just got taken to an entire new level — say hello to Xbox Project Oris, which can be viewed in the below video:

Xbox Project Oris is the brainchild of talented designer Joseph Dumary, who when posed with the idea that "game consoles often remain just a console", went ahead and designed a new Xbox console that not only includes an audiophile 3D speaker system, but one that can also project a high-resolution 8K HDR image of games thanks to a built-in projector.

Project Oris also has a digital assistant that can turn off a room's lights, play music when asked from a user's music library, and set gaming reminders.

The projector is very much the star attraction with Project Oris though, which is a laser, short-throw unit with high dynamic contrast with Motion+ technology and automatic wall detection. Brightness is rated at 2,500 lumens and its lamp life is visualised at 23,000 hours.

Xbox Series X Project Oris

(Image credit: Joseph Dumary)

The Oris comes with a next-gen gamepad, too, which not only includes a centrally-mounted touchscreen, but also a fingerprint touchpad and over the air wireless charging.

Here at T3 we think this new Xbox console concept is incredibly cool and unlike anything we've seen to date, even if something like it is very unlikely to ever see the light of day.

That idea, though, of being able to have one portable games console that delivers audiophile sound quality and large-scale 8K HDR gameplay is the stuff that dreams are made of. It is very much a shut up and take our money proposition.

If anything, this awesome new concept design has just whetted our appetite for next-gen console power even more, so hopefully we will learn even more about the Xbox Series X soon.

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