Xbox and Nvidia could turn your console into a high-end PC gaming rig capable of playing 1,000s more games

Your Xbox Series X or Series S could be transformed

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S
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Microsoft and Nvidia are reportedly working together to bring the GeForce Now cloud gaming platform to Xbox consoles.

If true, it means that you will be able to play high-end PC-style games on the Xbox Series X and Series S.

Xbox could be about to extend its deal with Nvidia to allow full-fledged, RTX-enabled PC games onto the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

The brands have previously partnered to bring Xbox-owned games to Nvidia's cloud gaming platform, and now it seems we'll get the reverse. It looks like GeForce Now could soon be available on Xbox consoles.

The PC cloud gaming platform has reportedly been spotted on Xbox consoles in Japan, listed as an option to play certain games – such as Street Fighter 6 and Call of Duty Warzone.

Leaker @eXtas1stv posted a few grabs on his X feed (via Kitguru) that show the titles with the strap "play it with GeForce Now" as part of their respective store listing.

If genuine, it means that Xbox is willing to allow a third-party rival to Xbox Cloud Gaming onto its consoles. And, it also gives us hope that versions of games with better graphics, plus DLSS and ray tracing support could run on either Xbox.

The idea is not as far fetched as some might think. Nvidia and Xbox have been working closer of late, with the aforementioned deal between the two to put some Xbox-sourced games onto the GeForce Now platform.

And Microsoft is clearly open to the idea of hosting rival cloud services on its consoles, with Antstream Arcade already available. I even admitted last year that the retro gaming alternative was my favourite on Xbox.

GeForce Now is also a bit different to Xbox Cloud Gaming. While the Microsoft system gives access to 100s of Xbox games as part of a monthly Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, Nvidia's offering gives you access to PC games you already own on other digital storefronts, such as Steam and Epic Games Store.

This would have the added benefit of giving Xbox Series X/S owners the option of playing many games that aren't available on console at all. In addition, if you pay for GeForce Now Ultimate (at £19.99 / $19.99 per month) you can play them in up to 4K HDR with RTX 4080 graphics.

It'd effectively turn your Xbox into a high-end PC gaming rig.

Of course, nothing has been announced by either company as yet. And there's no indication so far that it could be rolled out beyond Japan. Still, it'd give Xbox a new selling point in the face of its (losing) battle against Sony when it comes to this console generation.

And it'd be great for players too, surely.

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