Xbox 720 release date, price & specs leaked via report

Leaked document spills Microsoft's biggest secret - that is, if it's at all real

Supposed Xbox 720 release date, price and specs leak points to a 2013 launch, as well as a $299 price tag and improved features

A document belived to contain the release date of Microsoft's rumoured Xbox 720 has leaked online, along with a list of specs and a price point of $299.

The 56-page presentation, reportedly belonging to the American corporation, claims the 720 will land in 2013, quashing rumours that the next-generation gaming device will launch in late 2012.

The August 2010-dated document, which refers to the device as the “Xbox 720”, also sheds light on future improvements including SmartGlass, Metro UI, a built-in Blu-ray player and Xbox TV apps, amongst others.

Surprisingly, the machine is expected to cost just $299 (about £190), however, seeing as the document is two years old, we're guessing this probably won't be the case now.

Of course, the age of the presentation also means that other details, such as the name of the console and specs list could also end up being entirely different as to what's stated.

A solid Kinection

While speculation surrounding the launch and spec sheet of the Xbox 720 has been rife, little has been said about the console add-on, the Kinect.

However, today's leaked document lays bare a series of major improvements, including enhanced accuracy, stereo imaging, improved voice recognition, four-player tracking support and a boosted RGB camera.

For gamers, it will mean a boost in the overall gaming experience as well as more room for additional players.

A section of the document reads: "In Kinect v2 we can continue to go beyond controllers and offer peripherals and accessories that heighten game immersion."

Rumour has it...

Rumours surrounding the launch of Microsoft's Xbox 720 have been buzzing for months, with several pointing to a potential late 2012 release date.

Although some have suggested that we'll see the Xbox 720 sooner, Microsoft has repeatedly made reference to its current Xbox 360 console's '10 year lifecycle,' quashing reports of a pre-2015 arrival.

Previously tipped to boast a processor six times faster than that of the 360, the Xbox 720 will also reportedly see Microsoft licence Sony's Blu-ray technology to offer HD video playback on the much-mooted device.

With one of the console's four to six processors being dedicated to the claimed in-built Kinect unit, Microsoft looks set to take motion gaming to the next level with endless internet connection and AMD 7000 style processors making the 720 a beast of a machine.