World’s lightest eFoil board from Fliteboard lets you glide above the water with ease

The New Series 3 range is said to be the most advanced and comprehensive evolution of Fliteboard's products yet

Pioneering eFoil company, Fliteboard, launches Series 3, the most advanced and comprehensive evolution of products yet
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Aussie electric hydrofoil company has just released its latest range of eFoils, the Series 3. The new range introduces a variety of upgrades to Fliteboard's existing products and a new model, ULTRA L, which is said to be the world's lightest performance eFoil, thanks to the integration of the world's lightest lithium-ion eFoil battery, the Flitecell Nano.

The complete ULTRA L setup weighs just 22.5kg/49.6 lbs, with the lithium-ion eFoil battery weighing only 6.2kg/14 lbs. The entire range of Flitecell batteries is made with 'phase change' material to manage heat output, provides up to 45 minutes of foil time (or more when riding waves), and can be fully charged in under an hour.

Now positioned closer to the mast, Fliteboard says the location and weight of the battery allow for incredible manoeuvrability and minimal swing weight. The new 80cm mast is "perfect for taking on bigger waves, deeper turns, and smooth riding over choppy waters", they add. The ULTRA L was created for "experienced water sports enthusiasts with high design in mind", allowing you to have the most agile and responsive ride to date from Fliteboard.

A new range of board colours was inspired by the locations customers go Fliteboarding, the company added. ULTRA L is available in metallic gold, inspired by golden sunsets in Ibiza; AIR is offered in matte coral reminiscent of breezy days in Miami, and Pebble; and Fliteboard and PRO can now be purchased in gold and bronze, alongside existing metallics. Additional updates also include new board shapes and deck grips.

Fliteboard launches Series 3, the most advanced and comprehensive evolution of products yet

"AIR is offered in matte coral reminiscent of breezy days in Miami"

(Image credit: Fliteboard)

Fliteboard’s Series 3 now offers a fibreglass range at a more accessible price point without compromising design, durability, or the performance customers expect from its original predecessor, Fliteboard. Starting at £9,995, the fibreglass range includes wings as well as a Flitecell Sport battery. Fliteboard and PRO fibreglass models are available in matte white, coral and saltbush, inspired by the wild Sage of Amorgos in the Greek Islands. To find out more about the new Series 3, and check price and availability in your country, visit Fliteboard US, Fliteboard UK and Fliteboard AU today. 

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