Wordle 270 was a great example of the game’s unfairness, but we overcame

Getting most of the letters in 2 guesses doesn’t mean you can guess all of them… unless you do

Scientists finding Wordle solution
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Wordle 270 wasn’t hard as such because Wordle is almost never hard if you know English and words and that. However it was a classic example of how Wordle is not really fair. But then you know what else isn’t fair? Life. And another thing that isn’t fair? Flair. That’s phonetically very similar, but it’s not fair. Being invaded by another, somewhat larger, country is also not fair, so let’s keep a lid on the things we get upset about here. 

Looking at Twitter, we can see a few Wordlers who have got 4 out of the 5 letters very efficiently today, but then been left guessing the 1st one while chewing their fingernails and fretting – some requiring the full 6 guesses. It would be very interesting to see some win/lose and number of guesses required stats for each day’s Wordle. We get the impression most people got this one correct – we nailed it in 4 – but it took them slightly out of their comfort zones. 

Today’s Wordle solution wasn’t a difficult word, but there are just enough words very similar to it – in terms of spelling – to raise a cold sweat. 

Hints for Wordle 270

Now this Wordle winner is a good word, that it’s hard to give clues about without giving it away or being too gnomic. But like a great chef, you need to get every ingredient right with this one. 


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How to solve Wordle #270

Use a standard opening word with as many vowels as possible. Because we are in a hurry we’re always playing with ‘hard mode’ turned off, and no, that’s not some sort of innuendo. So we open with ALIEN, follow up with SHOUT. That practically always gives most of the letters in any given 5-letter word.

If you like to play this game the hard way, using a word like ALIEN or ADIEU or SEATY – sadly that last one is not an actual word so don’t be trying that one – would net you only 2, 2 or 3 letters respectively and then working out the full 5 is still entirely possible but it’s harder. That’s why it’s called hard mode, dig? 

Wordle #270 answer

Wordle 270

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CATER. You know: produce food for a gathering. Or produce anything that sustains a gathering, such as a guide to winning at simple  word games. 

Easy right? Except, unless your opening word contains a C, which most probably it doesn’t, the likelihood is you would soon make your way to -ATER. Yup.

-ATER? I never even met ‘er! From here, you could try water, dater (one who dates), gater (one who gates), hater (one who… you get the picture), later, mater, pater, rater… there’s lots of words that could be today’s Wordle, and your guesses are running TF out. So you could easily lose through no damn fault of your own. Unfair, right? 

However, there’s a smaller number of -ATER words that are commonly used. So, after failing at the water hazard, we picked CATER over hater, mater and pater – the latter two being ‘posh’ English terms for mother and father. Later had been ruled out earlier, of course. 

If you want to know more about this frankly rubbish and unfair game and how to win, I recommend taking a read of T3's guide to Wordle – it explains how the game is played and provides our master moves that have up to now retained our 100% success rate. From now on, we play with hard mode activated and no, that is not some sort of innuendo. 

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