Withings Pulse O2 watches your blood oxygen levels, stops you passing out

Nothing to do with the mobile network of the same name

It seems like every day we see a new fitness tracker announced, but the Withings Pulse O2 does something a little different. It monitors your blood oxygen levels, so you can make sure you're staying healthy.

The Pulse O2 does this using a rear-mounted lens and light. Not only is it handy if you're exerting yourself at high altitudes – climbing a mountain, say – it'll also be useful if you have a respiratory problem like asthma.

As well as this nifty feature, the Pulse O2 can keep tabs on how many steps you've taken, stairs climbed, calories burned, elevation, quality of sleep, and your heart rate.

It stores 10 days of data, so you can swipe back to look through them and compare how active you've been. You're going to notice those pizza-on-the-sofa hangover days.

Like the previous model, it syncs to your Android or iOS device using Bluetooth Low Energy.

Withings has some prestige when it comes to fitness trackers. Its Pulse model was the first to record heart rate, so it's good to see it's still innovating.

In the US, the Pulse O2 costs $119.95 (£71). There's no word on a UK release yet.