Windows 11 is getting a cool free upgrade to improve multitasking

No more blur, no more distraction

Windows 11
(Image credit: Windows)

Microsoft is prepping a key update to the multitasking system in Windows 11 that many people will welcome with open arms, whether you're working from home remotely or using a Windows-based laptop in the office. 

To be clear: this isn't a mind-blowing system overhaul that changes the DNA of Windows 11, but rather a thoughtful tweaking of the Alt + Tab mechanism so that it is no longer full-screen.

Brandon LeBlanc/ Microsoft

(Image credit: Brandon LeBlanc/ Microsoft)

The new Alt + Tab interface boosts users' abilities to multitask, meaning that when you want to switch between one of your respective open apps with Alt + Tab and head to another app, you’ll no longer get a full-screen blurred effect.

Whilst we didn't really mind the visual effect here at T3, there have been instances in which users have found the effect to be distracting on some of the best laptop devices running Windows 11. Why so? Well, it all comes down to how the effect manifests itself on the display itself, with the blurring effect often concealing an open application and any work being completed therein.

No more distraction

The potential change to the Alt + Tab interface design may arrive in the Windows 11 version 22H2 annual update – that's also known as the Sun Valley update 2. And if users' feedback is anything to go by, then the new interface is a lot cleaner, sleeker and sharper. 

So far so good then, it seems: the new setup keeps the background in focus and shows all open apps on top of a thin strip bar, as opposed to hiding your open sessions and disrupting your workflow. Something we can all be glad for as Windows still remains the most popular OS.

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