WhatsApp is getting this neat upgrade that users have been asking for

WhatsApp users will find this new feature upgrade very welcome

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WhatsApp is one of, if not the, best chat messaging services in existence today, and it is constantly being updated with neat new features.

However, WhatsApp is far from perfect and one of the features that users have been asking for over the past few years would be a proper game-changer if introduced – and stop its users jumping ship and using the best WhatApp alternatives.

That feature? The migration of chat history from iOS to Android devices, which is currently not supported by WhatsApp, meaning that if a user wants to change their mobile phone platform, then they are forced to start afresh in terms of WhatsApp chat history. Moving from one of the best iPhones to one of the best Android phones is currently verboten.

You can currently backup chat on WhatsApp if you're looking to move to another phone on the same platform, but if you want to switch platforms then it is a no go.

Well, chat history migration between Android and iOS devices looks like it is under development. That's because WABetaInfo has just reported that "WhatsApp will allow to migrate your chat history from WhatsApp for iOS to WhatsApp for Android", and shown off the below image which shows how it will be done.


The update procedure that will enable chat migration on WhatsApp between iOS and Android devices.

(Image credit: wabetainfo)

Excitingly from what we can see from the image, it looks like the feature to migrate WhatsApp chat history is going to come via a future update to the app, with users simply asked to update their version of WhatsApp in order to unlock it.

Unfortunately, while the feature looks pretty far advanced in terms of development, there is currently no information on when it will roll out. Here's hoping it is sooner rather than later, though, as more people than ever before are moving fluidly between phone platforms and this feature will make using WhatsApp much easier.

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