WhatsApp iPhone and Android emojis are finally getting the upgrade we've all been asking for

WhatsApp supplies the passion with new heart emojis

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One of the many new upgrades WhatsApp is developing is a visual overhaul of in-app emojis. We've seen animated emojis before - thought WhatsApp is now paying attention to heart emojis, with a small visual boost being added to them.

Animating heart emojis for Android and iOS users will now add some extra oomph to the static red heart emoji that currently sits in the chat app.


WABetaInfo animated emojis

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WhatsApp users on the best iPhone and best Android phones can now send a red heart emoji, with the added spectacle of the heart beating when it's sent to friends and family, or whoever else may be deserving of your fondness.

Though the animation effect was initially thought to be reserved for just the red color heart emoji, the folks over at WABetaInfo have suggested that it could now extend to other WhatsApp emojis. With the feature update, then, the same animation will appear for all the other colored heart emojis, as well.

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The emoji-themed update is rolling out soon on both iOS and Android, while desktop users already have access to the functionality, amongst some other nifty web and desktop client free upgrades that give users greater control over their privacy settings on the app.

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