What is On Air? The live show streaming library

Missed an amazing artist's show? You might be able to catch up

On Air's Armin Van Buuren film
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Ever watched Becky Hill in Ibiza, Years & Years in London and then Armin Van Buuren in Amsterdam all on the same night?

The problem with live music is that you have to be there, and with adult life the way it is, I'm finding that tricky. But that might not be the case anymore. No matter where you are in the world, with On Air you can watch high-quality livestreams of leading artists on demand and see performances back from the gig you've just been to.

This isn't just a dodgy recording on someone's phone, however. On Air partners with artists to help create, produce, distribute and monetise their shows and documents them to a professional standard recording with Dolby Vision video and Dolby Atmos audio. Barring some kind of VR gig, this is as close as you can get to being there virtually. 

On Air streaming service

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Currently, the catalogue of artists isn't the largest, but it's growing all the time. As well as the aforementioned acts, you can also check out on-demand performances from the likes of UB40, All Time Low and 10cc. There are even performances of Mozart, Beethoven, Dvorak and Brahms by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra if that's your thing.

Crucially On-Air streams with partnered artists are available to watch as part of the ticket price, so if you want to relive a song or not have to worry about recording your own video, it's priceless. In my opinion, on-demand content is priced quite steeply. The Armin Van Buuren film/concert experience will set you back £8.99 while watching Olly Alexander of Years & Years strut their stuff will cost you £12.99 in 4K with Dolby Atmos. It is cheaper than a ticket but I think for me the best use case is as a post-concert momento that lets you live in the moment while you're there. Slap on a pair of the best headphones and feel the euphoria all over again.

Andy Sansom
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