What are the Oakley Radar Pace smartglasses and why do you need them?

Want to simply ask your glasses how your training is going? Yup, these talk back

When a tip-top sporting name like Oakley teams up with chip making big-dawg Intel, you know something cool is coming. The result are the Oakley Radar Pace smart sunglasses that act as your robo personal trainer.

The glasses, also made in conjunction with design specialist Luxottica, are crammed with smart tech to make them much more than just glasses.

The Radar Pace features Intel Real Speech recognition for voice controls, Bluetooth and ANT+ for smartphone and sensor connectivity, plus its own motion, pressure humidity and proximity sensors, built-in earphones and a touch sensitive pad controller for swipe volume and more.

All that lot means you can combine the glasses with external sensors to track heart rate, power output, cadence, speed, distance, time and more. All while the glasses act as a smart voice controlled interface giving coaching feedback as you train.

The Radar Pace glasses are entirely IPX5 rated for water resistance so no amount of rain or sweat should affect their performance. They're also built for impacts so even a drop or crash should leave them still working. The Prizm Road lenses optimise visual acuity and can be changed out to suit the lighting, says Oakley.

If you want to check your pace while in a big ride just ask: “OK Radar, how's my pace?”. This is just one example of the ease interaction possibilities.

The Oakley Radar Pace smartglasses are available to buy now, internationally, for £400.

Luke Edwards

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