We flew to the South of France in a private jet, this is what it's like

There's no going back to economy class now

Sometimes in life there are scenarios when business class just won't do, if you need to get somewhere fast in complete luxury, flying private is the only way to go.

Recently, I was lucky enoughto experience this premium transport method. If you've ever wondered what it's like, I've recounted the experience here, just for you.


Obviously, flying isn't just about the in-flight experience, there's also the stressful security and boarding process to worry about.

Thankfully, flying privately is somewhat more relaxing. Check in and security staff were friendly, the departure lounge (pictured above) is plush and luxurious, full of soft leather and velvet. This is the Inflite Jet Centre at London Stansted.

It's also lovely and quiet, which means getting through security is quick, and you can relax, or get some work done once you're through. You're also offered a choice of wide range of drinks, mini sandwiches, and cakes. Which is always a treat.

Curiously, all of the pillows are were folded in at the top, which is something I've also seen done at posh hotels. So it must be a posh 'thing'... I don't know, but from now on, if I go somewhere and the pillows aren't folded down, I'll throw a massive hissy fit.

Of course, you may be waiting here a while, because unlike commercial airliners, the private jets are less bound by timetables. So if there's bad weather, or the plane has a problem, you could be there some time.

Our jet was stuck in Birmingham due to fog, and at one point it looked like we'd have to drive up there to catch it. Luckily, the fog passed quite rapidly.

The Flight

Once the plane was ready, we exited the boarding lounge, and walked to the plane waiting on the runway. The jet we were flying in was BAE 146-200. It's quite large for a private plane, comfortably seating 46 people.

You're greeted by a friendly air stewards, and granted free choice of seats. The cabin is filled with cream leather, dark wood, and plush cream carpets.

The aisles are wide, and the toilet is located at the rear.

The seats are large, more like armchairs than aeroplane seats, and there's plenty of leg room, which is great, because at 6'2" legroom is usually a problem for me.

The table for food is stowed away in your armrest, but there's also a small table in the central armrest for drinks and gadgets.

There's a bottle of water waiting for you in your seat, and it's Evian, not some budget non-brand H2O.

There is a magazine cubby on the rear of the passenger's seat in front, but instead of a High Life flogging you a Union Jack pen and mini statue of Big Ben, this magazine is filled with watches and sunglasses I'll never be able to afford.

As the plane was quite large, take-off was reasonably smooth. Apparently, smaller jets take-off at a much steeper arc. There's still an in-flight safetyannouncement, but it's much shorter than BA's.

After being in the air for a while, the food and drinks get brought out (not on a trolly). As you can imagine, it's not a soggy cheese roll and packet of nuts, instead a nicely prepared three-course meal (the iPhone snap here doesn't really do it justice).

Our menu included a goats cheese and beetroot salad for starter, roast beef, potatoes and vegetables for main, and a chocolate cheesecake for dessert. You also get a little bottle of olive oil for your salad, and a tiny salt and pepper shaker.

Although I'm no food critic, the meal was very nice, the salad was crisp, beef tender and green beans were wrapped up in a slice of courgette.

Bellies full, it's time for a quick nap. Before I knew it we arrived at our destination, Le Castellet airport in the South of France.

Strangely enough, we didn't have to go through security, which is equally nice, and disconcerting at the same time.

At this point, you simply hop in your supercar, which is waiting on the runway, obvs, and speed away to your villa / 5-star hotel.

And you can too!

This isn't the point T3 offers you a chance to win a private jet flight, unfortunately. But we've noticed a rise in private jet hire smartphone apps, which lets you hop onboard and share the cost, similar to Uber.

We've covered Victor before, an app which allows you to book private flights for yourself and up to 18 of your pals.

The Victor app is currently available on iOS, and puts 7,000 private jets at your fingertips, with over 40,000 airports worldwide.

But it's not just Victor who offers this service, there's also PrivateFly, BlackJet and JetSmarter, to name a few.

It's a really interesting concept, and currently still too expensive for most ordinary travellers, but it could revolutionise air travel just like Uber changed taxi hire.

Spencer Hart
Style and Travel Editor

As the Style and Travel Editor at T3, Spencer covers everything from clothes to cars and watches to hotels. Everything that's cool, stylish, and interesting, basically. He's been a part of T3 for over seven years, and in that time covered every industry event known to man, from CES and MWC to the Geneva Motorshow and Baselworld. When he's driving up and down the country in search of the greatest driving roads, he can be found messing around on an electric scooter, playing with luxury watches, or testing the latest fragrances.