watchOS 3.2 is now live: if you've got an Apple Watch then you just got new features and functionality

Better Siri integration, an enhanced Theatre Mode, more Scribble languages and more included

watchOS 3.2 is now live and introduces a series of new features to Apple's popular smartwatch.

First up is the ability to now use Siri with apps and Theatre Mode to keep the screen dark until the screen is actively tapped, a feature designed to prevent the watch from breaking the experience with notifications. In addition, the Theatre Mode setting now turns on silent mode and will not even activate the Apple Watch if a user's wrist is raised.

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Elsewhere watchOS 3.2 also introduces greater Siri integration throughout the App Store via the developer-friendly SiriKit, with the digital assistant now able to start workouts, send messages, make payments, book rides and more.

Other highlights include music playlist sync progress is now displayed in the Apple Watch app on iPhone, and Scribble is now also available in French, Spanish and Italian too.

For more information about watchOS 3.2, as well as to read detailed instructions on how to upgrade, check out Apple's official website.