Watch World Cup 2018 matches in 4K for free through your PS4 Pro. Here's how...

Get around those annoying restrictions and enjoy 4K footy for free today

World Cup 2018 PS4 Pro 4K BBC iPlayer
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The BBC iPlayer app on the PlayStation 4 Pro now has a 4K mode.

The app, once updated to version 2.0, allows PS4 Pro users to watch games at a 4K resolution, with a BBC Ultra HD symbol adorning the 3,840x2,160 resolution stream.

Naturally, for the 4K football stream to work the user needs a Sony PS4 Pro console hooked up to a 4K-capable TV, and they also need an internet connection that is good enough to handle a 4K stream, too. 

If all these boxes are ticked, though, then all a user needs to do to watch a World Cup 2018 game that the BBC has rights to show is download and install the BBC iPlayer app update through the PlayStation store and then, once loaded, simply click on the icon on the home screen showing the match with "UHD" next to it.

World Cup 2018 PS4 Pro 4K BBC iPlayer

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It is important to note that you can only watch games live this way, so you can't restart the match from the start if you join it late. While streams do include HDR (the BBC's HLG version), the effect is not as pronounced because it is being decoded live and on the fly. There is also the chance of a bit of judder as the streams are rendered at the PS4's favoured 60fps rather than the iPlayer's native 50fps. No, us neither.

At the time of writing the Xbox One BBC iPlayer app does not seem to support this 4K streaming mode.

So if you like football and currently have a PS4 Pro and 4K TV in your house then your viewing experience just got better, and for nothing, too. Cheers BBC! Why not play Fifa 18, one of the best PS4 games available, then watch some 4K footy, too.

Lead image credit: GettyImages / Sony

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