Watch this: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided trailer is all guns and goodness

Plus more news on Day One, Collector's and Digital Editions

With less than four months to go until the next instalment in the Deus Ex series augments its way into our lives, Square Enix and Eidos have hit us with a double whammy - a brand new trailer shedding a little more light on the political powder keg behind its story and a big info dump on the game's planned special editons.

Planned for release on 23 August on Xbox One, PC and PS4, Mankind Divided is getting a total of three special editions with two physical versions and one exclusive to digital platforms. All standard copies will come as Day One Editions (£54.99 on console, £39.99 on PC), which bundles an extra in-game mission, a pack of in-game items, a digital art book and an OST sampler.

For those looking to add a little more tat to the shelves in their home, there's the triangular-boxed Collector's Edition (£109.99 on console, £99.99 on PC) to sink your teeth into. This chunky version comes with all the extra items and goodies from the Day One edition plus a nice little steelbook, a 48-page physical art book, a 9" Adam Jensen statue and a gold and black prism box (because non-square boxes are for squares, obvs).

Finally, for those who prefer their content direct to their machine there's the Digital Standard Edition (£49.99/£39.99) and Digital Deluxe Edition (£74.99/£64.98). The standard one comes with all the Day One content plus a digital comic book, while the Deluxe version includes the full Season Pass.

Got your appetite for augmentation piqued? Then check out the new 6-minute plus 101 trailer, which delves a little deeper into the story behind the game and the new upgrades Mr Jensen has brought to the party.

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