Watch this crazy 360-degree, single ball, gyroscope-packing scooter thingy

The eBall is fitted with a trio of gyroscopes and the steering is all in the hips, allowing users to glide around on just one ball

There can be little doubt that entrepreneur Uli Sambeth, creator of the eBall, has invented a novel approach in his vision of future travel. Not unlike the once popular Pogo Ball it would appear that this may well be part of the inspiration behind it, much as the DeLorean's Back to the Future design may well have prompted some of the external features.

The eBall is indeed the world's first device to roll on only one ball, and it is a self-balancing scooter of sorts - although we remain convinced deep down that a scooter by its very definition must have two-wheels at least, right? Anyway, you can cruise around on it like a scooter, so for want of a better word that is what it is. Check the video out below and see if you can come up with something better:

A trio of gyroscopes allow the rider to remain upright and direct the device in any direction with a swivel of the hips. The seasoned users we’ve seen astride these machines do look as though they are travelling with ease too, so it appears quite natural to use too. This is, however, among our first experiences when stood astride those damned Segways of 2016 - quite the ride until gravity started having a word with your amateur status and flung you to the terra firma.

Its creator does admit that due to the lack of handlebars there is a little bit of shake at first but after a modicum of minutes success atop an eBall is easily achievable and the 360-degree maneuvers on-board one might well feel like your stood on top of a helicopter. Well, in a good not high speed blades spinning near your feet kind of way.

So this body-shifting ball moving creation has its sensors and gyroscopic systems installed and is apparently very intuitive - all that is needed is decent balancing skills.

The base of eBall is formed from a hollow steel ball encapsulated in rubber. A trio of electric motors drive the friction wheel which in turn transmits the force of the electric motors to the ball.

Hey presto – the ball moves this way and that under the guidance of your hips. International patent granted, €250,000 spent on development and investors being sought, could the eBall soon take off as a popular form of transportation?

Here at T3 Towers we don't know, but one thing we do know is that the eBall looks like loads of fun.

For more information about the eBall then check out the product's official website.

Pete Jenkinson