Watch out Apple Maps, Google Maps is lining up some major updates

Google Maps is about to get a whole lot better…

Google Maps
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Google has been busy updating Google Maps recently, first updating its iOS app and then moving onto introducing Driving Mode to Android Auto. This month has been particularly busy for Google, with both Android Auto and Google Maps receiving no less than 10 updates so far.

These updates have come to both stable and beta builds of the app, with the most recent build being pushed to devices last week.

Google hasn't provided any notes on what these updates entail but we already know several big features that are currently in development.

This first big feature that Google has been working on recently is the driving mode that comes bundled with Google Maps. It turns the navigation app into a full replacement for Android Auto for phones, with one-tap access to phone calls, messages, and music apps, all while keeping the navigation centre screen.

The driving mode is currently only available for Android in a select number or regions, but Google has already started rolling this feature out to more and more users across the world.

Google also announced that it's working on a new routing mode. The new mode means Google Maps would no longer determine the fastest route to your destination but instead guide you along the most fuel-efficient route. This is an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint of your car. Of course, this model would be totally optional, and you'd still be able to choose the fastest route if you're in a hurry.

Are there any new Google Maps features you'd like to see? And would you use the Eco-routing option? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. 

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