WashPass by Candy: a new laundry subscription service for fuss-free washing

Candy’s new WashPass pay-monthly service is set to revolutionise the way we do our laundry

Candy WashPass
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Subscription services have been in existence for aeons, whether it’s for organic supplies like gas, electricity and road deliveries of heating oil or, more recently, digital streaming services to your TV, satellite dish and mobile device. 

Well, here’s a new type of on-demand service and it’s for something you might never have imagined – a revolutionary, convenient and highly affordable laundry subscription trial from popular household appliance manufacturer Candy. 

Simply sign up to Candy’s new WashPass subscription service and a brand new, ultra high-tech WiFi-connected washing machine will be delivered to your home and installed for you. This isn’t just any old washing machine, mind, because it uses specialised auto-dosing detergent tanks that take the guesswork out of what is often considered one of the most contested of household chores. The system is so clever, it’ll even automatically order detergent – supplied by premium Italian manufacturer Nuncas – as and when required.

WashPass bundles everything you need to wash, plus a lot of peace of mind, into a pay-as-you go model, offering financial flexibility and encouraging sustainable behaviours in the laundry room.

Candy WashPass: the Concept

According to recent research by Barclaycard, ‘more than 65% of  UK homes are signed up to regular subscription services, with an average of seven contracts per household’. If a householder is content enough to subscribe to a regular TV or audio streaming service, regular pay-monthly heating oil deliveries or a printer ink service like that run by Hewlett Packard, then why not a home laundry service? After all, just the upfront cost of a new washing machine every seven or eight years is enough of a worry, let alone the cost of servicing, repairs and regularly having to feed it detergent, softener and other washing aids.

Cue Candy’s new WashPass subscription service – a pilot idea so ingenious we are surprised no one thought of it before. WashPass works much like HP’s Instant Ink service which delivers printer ink to your door well before your existing supply runs out. However, where Instant Ink is just that, WashPass goes a lot further to include free delivery and installation of a brand new Candy washing machine with a raft of features, including computer-controlled sensors capable of detecting the weight of the laundry load before automatically selecting the most suitable wash program and detergent combination for the task at hand. 

The Candy WashPass subscription also covers the ongoing cost of using the machine (rather like your mobile phone tariff), plus servicing, repairs and, of course, regular detergent deliveries. This means that all you need to worry about is a frankly measly £6.90 per month plus 80p for every time you use it. Given that you may only do the washing once a week, that amounts to just £3.20 extra on top of the subscription fee. If you worry about the sudden extra expense of a washing machine repair bill or wince every time you put another load of expensive washing products in the shopping basket, a system like this could be a no brainer.

Candy WashPass

(Image credit: Candy)

Candy WashPass: the machine

The attractive Candy WashPass machine that’s delivered to your door stands well out from the competition. As mentioned above, it uses a dynamic auto-dosing system comprising four detergent and softener cartridges that clip into a hidden semi-circular compartment that obscures half of the front glass portal. When a new delivery arrives, simply remove any spent tanks and replace with the new ones.

According to Candy, each one of its 60-plus washing programs ‘uses an exclusive mix of ingredients that are precisely dosed for every wash, minimising waste while maximising performance’. When paired with the smart machine, the detergents are said to deliver ’70% better results’.

The freestanding machine itself is of standard size (60cm in width) so it should fit into your kitchen like any other off-the-shelf washing machine. With its large 9kg drum, 1,200rpm spin speed and A+++ energy rating, this machine is a perfect all-round solution for families, soloists, couples, first-time buyers, indeed anyone looking to streamline their domestic lives.

Candy WashPass

(Image credit: Candy)

Candy WashPass: Simply-Fi app

As soon as your new washing machine has arrived, download Candy’s Simply-Fi mobile app (iOS and Android) and follow the onscreen instructions which will walk you through the required WiFi settings.

Once set up, the Simply-Fi app is a breeze to use. For instance if, like so many users, you haven’t a clue what program to select for a given type of fabric, tap the ‘a la carte’ option and select from cotton, synthetic, delicates or wool, then choose whether they’re whites, coloureds or darks, how dirty the items are and your preferred spin speed. The machine’s brain will then select the most suitable program from its vast library of more than 60 wash cycles, along with the exact amount of detergent and softener required so there’s no wastage. This app is so easy to use that even your cat will get a handle on it. If you prefer to use a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to command it all, you can do that too.

The Simply-Fi app constantly works in conjunction with the machine to monitor its performance, flag any maintenance required (i.e. blockages) and keep tabs on detergent usage. Whenever any of the capsules are due to run out, it sends an automatic notification to Candy HQ. A delivery to the consumer is quickly arranged and before you know it, a replacement is at the door. Talk about fuss-free simplicity.

How to set up a Candy WashPass subscription

Since Candy WashPass is ostensibly a pilot scheme, there are currently only 500 places available so you might wish to get in there quickly. To join the scheme, simply follow the link below and join the new washing revolution. You can opt out at any time, though there will be a small cancellation charge if you decide to jump ship early.

WashPass by Candy subscription service

£69 up front fee plus £6.90 per month and 80p per wash

Candy Simply-Fi app


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