Virgin Media is set to save Christmas telly!

Virgin Media builds a wearable that controls your TV while you sleep

Rejoice! Finally the scourge of nodding off in front of the TV and missing your favourite TV shows has been solved by Virgin Media and two enterprising students from Manchester Creative Studio, Ryan Oliver and Jonathan Kingsley.

The 3D-printed wearable will be ready just in time for Christmas as well, when our nation will collectively slip into a post-Turkey nap and miss the festival of misery that is EastEnder's Christmas day episode.

Virgin Media has found that Brits watch four hours of festive TV on Christmas day, but a combination of Turkey (which is a natural sedative) and copious amounts of booze means we're set to miss up to 51.3 million viewing hours. But at least a huge amount of those will be repeats.

It looks like Richard Branson's company could be the second most blessed Virgin over Christmas thanks to its KipstR wearable. It sits on the wrist and using a pulse-oximeter it can sense whether you are asleep or awake.

When it notices that you've nodded off the KipstR sends a command to the Virgin Media TiVo box to pause the show you're watching. Once you've woken up again, the KipstR will tell the TiVo box to continue playing the program from where you've left off.

So eat, drink and be merry this Christmas without worrying about falling asleep and missing finding out whether Doctor Who saves the world (spoiler alert: he most likely will). However, what happens when the whole family is engrossed in a Chrimbo film and the wearer of the KipstR nods off, leaving the rest of the family in suspense? There could be bloodshed at Christmas.

Tech to make Christmas go without a hitch

The KipstR is being trialled this Christmas and if successful it could help take some of the stress out of the big day. Don't worry if you haven't got one in the house though, there's plenty of tech to help make Christmas go smoothly.

Keep on top of timings with a smartwatch

Cooking a huge Christmas meal can sometimes resemble a turkey-infused juggling act. Wearing a smartwatch like the Pebble or LG Watch R can help reduce stress by keeping you alerted to all the timings. Could this mean the end of burnt parsnips?

iPad mini

Bring up recipes with a tap

Bringing a tablet into the kitchen can also help smooth things out as you cook for a horde of hungry friends and family. If you need recipes you can quickly search the web, and if needs be there's plenty of how to videos on YouTube to help you cook the perfect Christmas lunch.


Heston Blumenthal Meat Thermometer

Heston Blumenthal doesn't mess around when it comes to the accuracy of his culinary creations, and you shouldn't either. This handy thermometer will be able to tell you when the turkey – and other key components of the Christmas dinner, are cooked to perfection.