Ultenic launches its first all-in-one stick vacuum in the UK, the FS1

Ultenic aims to compete against the high-end vacuum cleaners

Ultenic FS1
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Recently launched, the Ultenic auto-empty cordless FS1 vacuum cleaner has made an impressive entrance to the UK market. Designed to compete with other cordless vacuums, the Ultenic FS1 offers the same features for an undeniably affordable price. The vacuum is currently available on Amazon for an RRP of £398.99. However, there is currently 20% off, reducing the price even further to £319.00. 

For those that dread the dusty act of changing a vacuum cleaner bag, a self-sufficient model such as the FS1 may be the answer for you. In a similar way to the Ultenic T10 robot vacuum, its auto-empty system has a 3L large, disposable dust bag, which is emptied by the vacuum itself. Homeowners only need to replace the dust bag once a month, or even less frequently than that, depending upon usage. It’s particularly useful for pet owners as pet hair can accumulate rapidly, filling the dustbin faster than usual. Beyond offering greater convenience than their traditional counterparts, self-emptying vacuums significantly limit exposure to dust, a big plus for allergy sufferers as well. 

The FS1 is a powerful cordless vacuum with a 450W digital motor and a maximum suction power of 30000 Pa. It has 4 speed modes (low/high/auto/turbo) for a range of daily cleaning needs, accompanied by a touch screen design that allows users to start the vacuum without continuously pressing the button. In auto mode, it will automatically increase suction power on carpets, whilst in turbo mode it runs at maximum power and suction level for up to 10 seconds - perfect for deep cleaning. 

It features a 5-layer filtration system, which retains 99.99% of fine dust, pollens and allergens. This improves air quality whilst also improving the performance and longevity of the cordless upright vacuum.

It’s also designed to be user-friendly, easy to operate and suitable for all ages. The 180° brush head has LED lights for cleaning in darker and harder to reach places without leaving any dirt behind. You also receive a variety of brush heads that can convert it into a handheld vacuum and a stick vacuum, making it more suitable for whole house cleaning.

Ultenic FS1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

(Image credit: Ultenic)

The FS1’s high energy density battery gives users up to 60 mins of run time so plenty of time to clean the whole house. If required, the battery can be easily removed and replaced so cleaning time can be extended. 

Compact, portable, and easy to store, Ultenic's FS1 All-In-One Stick Vacuum is a perfect combination of functionality and durability. At an RRP of only £398.99 (£348.99 with the voucher), it offers homeowners the ultimate yet affordable solution for easy and hassle-free cleaning of the whole home. Find yours on Amazon now. 

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