Cheap Bulk Powders deals: get 40% off on protein powder and supplements TODAY ONLY

Stock up on cheap protein powders, cheap creatine, and all the bodybuilding and weight loss supplements

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Bulk Powders is having a flash sale today, everything is 40% off if you spend at least £25 on their website.

They have cheap protein powder and cheap creatine deals on, but you can also buy their super delicious Macro Munch protein bars (opens in new tab) too for a discounted price (try the Magnificent Millionaires Shortbread, boy-oh-boy, is it tasty).

We strongly recommend stocking up on your probably already depleted protein powder reserves today. Even when they have an 'up to' sale on, protein powder most usually doesn't get discounted more than 20-25%, so you are basically doubling up the discount if you buy today.

You can also delay paying for the goods a few weeks using Klarna's 'buy now and pay later' system. Klarna will send you a reminder email before your payment is due.

Our top picks from the Bulk Powders sale

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Bulk Powders Pure Whey protein, 500 grams, Various flavours | Sale price £7.19 | Was 11.99 | Save £ 4.80 (40%) (opens in new tab)
Available in 23 (!) different flavours, the Bulk Powders Pure Whey protein contains 80% protein (24 grams per 30-gram serving), all from grass-fed European dairy cows. Less than 1.5 gram of lactose per serving, this delicious protein powder also contains 5.3 grams of BCAAs as well. Great quality product for an even better price.

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Bulk Powders Elevate Pre-workout, 660 grams, Cherry Cola flavour | Sale price £20.99 | Was £34.99 | Save £14 (40%) (opens in new tab)
The ELEVATE™ formula contains powerful ingredients, including: Vitargo (10g), citrulline malate (5g), arginine alpha ketoglutarate (4g), beta alanine (3.5g), trimethylglycine (3g), taurine (2.5g), glucuronolactone (500mg), tyrosine (400mg), caffeine (200mg), ACTINOS (180mg), vitamin B6 (25mg) and BioPerine (5mg). it really packs a punch.

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Bulk Powders Zero Calorie syrup, Vanilla | Sale price £3.59 | Was £5.99 | Save £2.40 (40%) (opens in new tab)
Want to add some flavour to your morning protein pancakes but don't want to spike your blood sugar levels? The Zero Cal syrup – as the name suggest – contains no calories but it tastes great nevertheless. Jazz up your diet, not your macros with this product.

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Bulk Powders vegan peanut butter, 1 kg, Smooth or Crunchy | Sale price £3.59 | Was £5.99 | Save £2.40 (40%) (opens in new tab)
Made out of 100% roasted peanuts, this vegan peanut butter tastes good and contains 29 grams of protein per 100 grams. It is high in fibre, monosaturated fats and has no added salt, sugar, palm oils or preservatives. And it tastes brilliant too.

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Bulk Powders Macro Munch protein bar, Box of 12 | Sale price £17.93 | Was £29.88 | Save £11.95 (40%) (opens in new tab)
Containing 20 grams of protein and less than 3 grams of sugar per bar, the Macro Munch protein bar is way healthier than most of the nutribars on the market. This soft-baked protein bar is made in the UK and comes in five different flavours, including millionaires shortbread, cookies and cream and mint choc chip. Shake up your protein intake with the Macro Munch bars.

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