Tim Cook's Apple is 'kinder, gentler'

New report reveals what it's like to work under Apple's current CEO

It's been just short of three years since Tim Cook took up the reigns of Apple Inc., and a new report examines how the company has changed under the Alabaman CEO.

A new profile by the Wall Street Journal has given an insight into Apple boss Tim Cook, successor to the late Steve Jobs since August 2011.

The piece sheds light on changes to the Cupertino firm since Cook took charge, revealing that a post-Jobs Apple is a 'kinder, gentler' workplace.

Apparently Tim Cook focuses on 'deep collaboration' between employees, promoting teamwork and workplace cohesion to produce Apple products, rather than independent design processes.

WSJ also reports that Cook is much less of a visionary than Steve Jobs, with the new CEO operating as more of a manager than a maverick - although some employees think the firm might be working on too many projects at the same time.

"Under Mr. Cook, current and former employees say Apple may be spreading itself too thin, pursuing too many ideas and compromising the 'laser focus' that Mr. Jobs used to create the iMac, iPhone and iPad," reads the WSJ article.

Apple has more products than ever before with its iOS devices, OSX devices, and rumoured tech like the iWatch, two new iPhones, and an Apple iTV all looking likely for the future.

"'It was Steve's job to say no,' one of these people said. 'Tim is not as comfortable doing that.'"

Cook is also said to be detached from the actual development process, instead opting to delegate tasks to Apple staff, including giving Jony Ive a stronger presence in the product development department.

The article also suggests that Cook is also looking to expand Apple's board of directors from the current eight-strong team.

"According to people familiar with the company, Mr. Cook is actively seeking new directors to add to Apple's eight-person board, known for its loyalty to Mr. Jobs."

"Six of the seven outside directors are aged 63 or older. Four of them have served for more than a decade, including two who have been on the board since the late 1990s."

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