Tier's new Beeline sat-nav system is perfect for e-scooters

I think I might get one for my personal electric scooter…

Beeline x Tier
(Image credit: Beeline/Tier)

Electric scooter rental company Tier has teamed up with the navigation experts at Beeline to provide easier, safer and more pleasant journeys in the capital as part of the London e-scooter trial. 

Tier has integrated Beeline’s direct routing software and simple navigation interface into its app, so you can type in your destination and Beeline’s routing algorithm will offer a variety of journey options, based on the type of ride you want to take. 

Your phone is mounted on Tier’s wireless charging dock, so it's in the perfect position to guide you along your journey.

The super-simple navigation interface will then guide you to your destination, providing turn-by-turn directions as well as other journey-tracking details like speed, distance and ETA. 

Beeline x Tier

(Image credit: Beeline/Tier)

Beeline’s routing engine is enhanced by community feedback that creates custom routes based on road ratings submitted by cyclists and other electric scooter riders. This should prevent the app from taking you down dangerous roads, such as Marylebone Road, and ensures every journey is recommended by other road users.

The software has been further customised to offer route suggestions that will avoid TfL “no-go zones” and Boroughs not participating in the trial. Riders will also be guided to the nearest parking bay, enhancing the user experience and further encouraging Tier e-scooters to be parked in an orderly manner.

This recent collaboration has really made me think about getting a Beeline Velo for my own personal electric scooter, as it's pretty much the perfect accessory for it.

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