This watch is made from recycled firearms

Made from Humanium Metal, this timepiece hopes to help end gun violence

TRIWA, the Scandinavian watch brand, has collaborated with the Humanium Metal Initiative to create a new line of watches that are crafted from deconstructed illegal firearms.

The guns are taken from conflict torn societies, melted into bars, then refined and moulded into the rather stylish TRIWA x Humanium Metal Watches.

The Humanium Metal has been refined into 316L stainless steel to meet the high standards of an everyday wristwatch.

It is then moulded into an attractive watch case, which features a brushed finish on the sides and a more dressy polished finish around the bezel.

The watch is filled with symbolic references, such as the Humanium Metal logo that is punched on the case, the embossed indexes on the dial, and the fiery red second hand, date display and crown centre.

You’ll be able to choose from two sizes: 39mm or 34mm, with either a vertically brushed dark grey dial or light steel dial.

There are also plenty of strap options.

The TRIWA x Humanium Metal watches are launching on Kickstarter (it's already passed its funding goal) with prices starting at £171.

All of the pieces backed on Kickstarter will come with exclusive scratch resistant sapphire glass and a serial number to designate the order in which the watch was produced.

The sales from Humanium Metal generate financial resources used to rebuild conflict torn societies and support victims of armed violence. 

Here is a video about the project:

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