This top tier 65-inch Sony Bravia OLED TV is £400 off for Black Friday

The Sony XR-65A75K gets a seriously big price cut in this Black Friday deal

(Image credit: Sony)

If you've been scouring the Black Friday deals for a Sony Bravia OLED TV, this deal could be seriously tempting: the Sony A75K OLED TV, one of the best TVs you can buy, is down to just £1,599 for the 65-inch model. This is a Sony discount so it's available directly from Sony as well as from multiple retailers such as John Lewis.

This is one of Sony's high-end models, with Acoustic Surface Audio to deliver positional audio from behind the panel, impressive voice control and the usual plethora of acronyms for various image and video processors. It's a particularly good TV for PS5 gaming too.

Sony A75K 65-inch OLED TV: was £1,999 now £1,599 at John Lewis

Sony A75K 65-inch OLED TV: was £1,999 now £1,599 at John Lewis

The 55-inch version is cheaper still at £1,199, but the ten inches more that this model offers makes a huge difference to your movie or PS5 gaming experience. Sony's OLED TVs are stunning and this is no exception - and now it's £400 cheaper. You can also get £200 off a compatible Sony soundbar at John Lewis.

Sony uses the Google TV platform, and this model comes with YouVIew/Freesat HD, Dolby Atmos, 3 months of YouTube Premium and built in Chromecast reception. Sony's Living Décor turns your Bravia into an art gallery when you're not watching anything, and if you're serious about your movies there's Creator Calibrated Mode to deliver video as the creator intended it.

As you'd expect from a Sony OLED the picture quality is stunning, and upsampling from non-4K sources is extremely good. With wide viewing angles, HDMI 2.1 and 120fps frame rates at 4K resolution it's a stunning TV, movie and gaming TV. 

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