This sleek Apple Watch 6 design is the next-gen wearable we need

No bezels? This Apple Watch 6 design looks incredible, but it's a big departure from previous models

Apple Watch 6
(Image credit: ConceptsiPhone)

The Apple Watch is far and away one of the most recognisable wearables on the market. The iconic square "pebble" look and raised scrolling crown has survived through five iterations of the smartwatch, and people love it. So much so that oppo's recent "Oppo Watch" is a virtual carbon copy of the design.

However, throughout the watch's various iteration, the Apple Watch's design has been marred by bezels intruding from the sides of the screen. It could be far worse – the original Moto 360's "flat tire" bottom bezel springs to mind – but we've been waiting on a truly bezel-less Apple Watch to take advantage of all that screen space. With such a small device, every millimetre helps.

Render artist Pallav Raj for ConceptsiPhone has designed a truly bezel-less Apple Watch Series 6, and it's a thing of beauty. Retaining everything that makes an Apple Watch iconic, it fills those soft-curve corners with pixels rather than locking it behind black bars.

The reason Apple Watch's menu background is all black is to stop you noticing the bezel day-to-day. Full screens would allow for incredible new full-colour block watch faces, backgrounds and animations on your wrist.

Check out the render in full below:

Raj's design maintains the same dimensions as the Apple Watch 5, cramming more power into the wearable, but in order to facilitate this more vibrant screen (especially as an always-on display) battery life would need to increase. The Series 5 carries a 296 mAh battery, but we'd expect to see the 6 break the 300 mark at least.

Set to debut in the Autumn alongside the iPhone 12, Apple is keeping its cards close to its chest regarding the upcoming wearable, but it’s likely to retain the same shape and design, otherwise, Watch OS will have to be radically redesigned. 

(Image credit: Apple)

However, a tweak to expand the display would be a small change the phone could really benefit from. Whispers of a more power-efficient microLED display are in the works, but nothing we've heard suggests it will be ready for this year's model.

The watch is set to come with improved health metrics, with developments made to refine heart rate and sleep tracking, and better detect stress. Otherwise, we know very little around the new watch. We’ll keep you posted with all the leaks and news as this year’s Apple showcase draws closer.

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