Now there's a hat that tells you when to take a break

A new wearable sensor tracks how hard a task is and could help you with difficult multitasking.

Multitasking is difficult, we all know that. And it's easy enough to get distracted, even while completing the simplest task. But this new wearable could tell you exactly when to take a break and make you more efficient.

Researchers from the University of New South Wales, Australia, have created a tracker that goes onto a baseball cap to look at your head movements and work out a task's intensity.

It can detect a task from the movement of your head and people do it more doing simple tasks and less when concentrating on complex tasks.

Making life easier

During testing the study found it worked with a 70-80% accuracy.If you put this technology into a device such as Google Glass it could even notify you when to take a break and make risky tasks even safer.

It also tell you the optimum time to take a break while doing sport or while working hard, if it was integrated with the right device.

Problem is this needs to be connected to your head, so it won't exactly be possible to put it into the Apple Watch to track this. Instead you'll just continue to be bombarded by messages telling you when it's time to stand up from your desk again.

Via New Scientist