This new electric scooter comes with a folding helmet and virus-killing handles!

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This new electric scooter comes with an integrated folding helmet!
(Image credit: Tier)

Tier is the first e-scooter company worldwide to launch a helmet that is integrated into an electric scooter. 

The foldable helmet sits inside a smart box on the scooter's upright bar, which is unlocked when the scooter is rented via an app.

The smart box has already been rolled-out in Paris and Berlin, with a plan for more than 5000 electric scooters to get the tech over the summer.

Tier is Europe's leading provider of "micro-mobility", operates in 55+ cities in 9 countries.

The company doesn't currently operate in the UK, but has applied to take part in the government trails next month.

These trails will be used to access a number of things, including how safe electric scooters are. 

Studies from WHO has shown that the majority of severe injuries sustained on electric scooters are caused by head trauma, and that the most effective preventative measure is the use of a helmet. 

Tier users who want to wear a helmet will be able to unlock the smart box to access the helmet at no additional cost directly through the TIER app. 

You can see how it works in the video below:

The foldable helmet is reusable and compliant with European EN1078 standards and subject to quality control every 5 rides. 

Furthermore, each helmet box is equipped with hair nets stored in a hairnet compartment which is refilled every time when the battery of a scooter is swapped.

(Image credit: Tier)

In the first phase in May, Tier will put 200 scooters equipped with the integrated helmet box into service in Paris and in Berlin.

In addition to this, the Tier is also trialling a new anti-bacterial handlebar technology.

It uses a copper fleece material which kills 99,8% of all viruses in just a few minutes.

These self-disinfecting handlebars are being trialled on electric scooters in Paris and Bordeaux. 

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