This is the Samsung Galaxy S10 all-screen display we've been waiting for

In-screen front-facing camera minus the bezels, at last

Samsung Galaxy S10 concept
(Image credit: Ben Geskin)

The Samsung Galaxy S10 recently leaked in a Bloomberg report and since then concept designer extraordinaire Ben Geskin has shown us just what to expect – and it looks stunning.

The new concept designs for the Galaxy S10 take into account the fact that this handset should come with a complete edge-to-edge display with no bezel at all. Yup that means no Infinity Display edges, no notch and not even a tear-drop style design.

Until now it was thought Samsung might opt for a slide-up selfie camera that appears from behind the screen when needed. Instead it looks like a great idea to place the camera as a stand-alone unit surrounded by screen.

Check out the tweet below comparing the S10 to the previous Galaxy S9 and Apple's current iPhone XS Max.

As you can see, that camera design allows for even more screen in the body's frame making it ideal for immersive experiences like gaming. You would likely barely notice it was there when you get into the content.

Here's hoping Samsung has even managed to hide the dot by the time this launches. But if not this will still be one of the best displays out there when it arrives early in 2019.

Luke Edwards

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