This ingenious carry-on suitcase turns economy into business class…

If you're a child

This ingenious carry-on suitcase turns economy into a business class…

Forget the speedier boarding and nicer food – the main benefit to business class is the ability to lay out and get some sleep. Enter the BedBox, which can turn even the cheapest economy seat into a business class-style bed.

The catch? It won't work for you and I – it's designed for children up to the ages of 6 or 7. That doesn't mean it won't make your flight more comfortable, though, because if your kid is comfortable and happy, then it'll be a much quieter flight for everyone sitting near them.

After the seatbelt sign is turned off you'll be able to take the cushions out of the case, and turn the lid into platform, creating a comfortable bed for your little one.

The lid/platform is height and length adjustable, in order to fit most standard economy seats. 

It's a great, idea, and we're surprised no one thought of it sooner.

Check out how it works below:

When you're travelling either end of the journey, BedBox is also a ride-on suitcase with 360-degree swivel wheels at the front.

This makes riding through airports a fun experience for kids.

There's also space for a few essentials, like toys, games consoles and snacks.

The BedBox is available from the JetKid's website, priced at £139 in the UK, €159 in the EU, and $199 in the US.

Source: GodSaveThePoints

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