Free Witcher 3 secrets bible is must-read

If you're thinking of replaying The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PS5, PC or Xbox, you need to check this out

The Witcher 3
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Following on from watching season 2 of The Witcher on Netflix I recently started replaying The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on PS5 and, so far, I've been thoroughly enjoying what will be my third full play through of the game.

My enjoyment of replaying The Witcher 3, though, has been given a really cool added edge through my discovering and use of this incredible Witcher 3 secrets bible, which is a gamer's ultimate guide to well-hidden details in the legendary game.

The talented author of the secrets bible, which stretches to 164 pages in total, is Andreas Schmiedhofer, who states that he put the guide together to celebrate "the insane amount of detail the in-game world and the quests are built on".

Schmiedhofer recounts how he watched gamers on YouTube and Twitch play The Witcher 3 and completely miss many awesome little aspects and details that its maker, CD Projeckt, had put in during its development.

The result was Schmiedhofer creating this secrets bible, a composition of explanatory copy, concept art, quotes, quest lists, tips from the author and detailed maps that show off all these easy-to-miss hidden details, many of which having impacts on quests. Some hidden secrets even unlock different quest dialogue and quest endings that many gamers won't ever have even realised existed.

Honestly, I thought I knew The Witcher 3 pretty well after multiple playthroughs, but after seeing this secrets bibles I've been left in awe at just how much I'd missed when playing it. As such, being able to hunt out these details as I play through again has added a really nice edge to my latest run and, simply put, I would recommend any The Witcher 3 fan replaying the game on PS5, Xbox or PC to do the same.

Naturally, if you haven't played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt then you almost certainly shouldn't use this guide, as it contains heavy spoilers that give away plot details and surprises. As Schmiedhofer himself suggests, you should have at least played through the game once ideally before digging into this secrets bible.

The guide can be viewed and downloaded right now for free by clicking the link above (it is a 95MB PDF). Chapeau to Mr. Schmiedhofer.

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