This electric boat on foils is the coolest thing I've seen on the water

The Candela C-7 is a fully electric boat that flies across the water on hydrofoils, making it fast and efficient

Candela C-7 electric foiling boat
(Image credit: Candela)

The Candela C-7 is the world's first electric boat with foils. This means that not only is the boat quiet and fuel-efficient but once the foils raise it out of the water, it's fast too. It's fair to say that the boating industry has been slower than most to take up the electric mantle, but things are changing. Electric cars are now recognized as the future of motoring and electric jets are at least appearing in the mix. 

Electric boats have existed for over 100 years but it's only in recent years that their benefit over diesel-powered motors is starting to make them a more viable option. And it's boats like the Candela that are likely to change people's minds about electric power. 

Motorboat and Yachting got a chance to try the Candela C-7 at the Cannes Yachting Festival back in September. Powered by a 55kW motor and a 40kWh battery, the 25ft sports boat is capable of 30 knots when up on its foils. And thanks to a lightweight design, the C-7 has a range of 50 nautical miles on a single charge. 

This is an electric boat redesigned from the ground up. Every part of it has been optimized to reduce weight, while the technology on board makes running the electric system easier. Much like the mapping on an electric car, the system on the C-7 not only allows you to plot a route on the 12-inch touchscreen map but it will estimate the battery use to get you there, and let you know how much you'll have left on arrival. 

This looks like a really fun boat though it of course comes at a price. Right now the Candela Seven will cost you around $240,000 (£180,000). As the technology becomes more common, and the price falls, I expect to see more and bigger yachts going fully electric. 

Mat Gallagher

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