This $400 off DJI FPV combo deal is almost too good to be true

Take aerial footage to the next level with this brilliant DJI drone deal

DJI Avatar explorer combo
(Image credit: DJI)

It’s not often we see cheap drone deals flying about, especially from DJI, the best drone manufacturer. But, miracles do happen as right now Amazon has slashed the price of one of the best FPV drones – the DJI Avatar – which also comes equipped with FPV Goggles Integra and Motion 2 controller. Usually, all three products would cost well over $1000, but now you can save almost $400 off them!

The DJI Avatar is a stunning ready-to-fly drone that swoops around like a bird of prey and takes standard aerial footage to the next cinematic level. But combine it with the goggles and controller and you experience the full immersive effect of flying a drone from a bird’s point of view. 

DJI Avata Explorer Combo: was $1278, now £899

DJI Avata Explorer Combo: was $1278, now £899

Take your drone piloting efforts to the next level with DJI's Avata drone. Thanks to the headset and the special controller, you can control the drone in first-person mode, allowing you to manoeuvre the flying tripod you wouldn't be able to do otherwise. Now almost $400 — the cheapest it's ever been on Amazon!

In comparison to its predecessor, the DJI FVP, the DJI Avatar is way more compact —it's not much bigger than an outstretched hand — so it really is perfect for taking on your outdoor adventures. As noted in our five star review, it's ridiculous easy to use (even a monkey could fly it apparently), and it's made all the more easier with the goggles and motion controller. Overall, an unmissable deal in our eyes.

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