This Bentley Batur has an insane Naim sound system worth £25k

This extremely limited car is choc-full of impressive specs – and the audio system is a big part of that

Two Bentley Batur's driving side by side
(Image credit: Naim)

Putting a lot of money into a sound system is a rite of passage for car users. I'm sure many reading this will have fond memories of retrofitted Pioneer radios and exorbitant subwoofers – often worth as much as the car they were placed into.

If you're one of the lucky few getting to own a bespoke Bentley Batur by Mulliner, that same concept is going to apply. As you may well expect, though, this is a little bit different to those older systems.

The entire Hi-Fi system in the vehicle – worth a staggering £25,000 – has been designed in collaboration with the Naim Audio team. They worked in collaboration with their sister brand, Focal, to design a bespoke audio system to deliver a matching high-end audio experience.

That includes three speakers in the dashboard, two in the front section of the car, with a further two tweeters and woofers for good measure. The rear section also includes two tweeters, two rear Utopia speakers and a pair of surround speakers, plus upgraded woofers and a subwoofer at the back.

The speakers utilise Naim's M-profile design. That's manufactured from a single piece, with no dust cap, offering incredible rigidity. That should also give users an extremely linear frequency response, as well as low distortion and better sound dispersion, overall.

The TAM tweeters utilise the same profile, but are specifically engineered for sumptuous treble content. Plus – thanks to the wide-angle diffusion of those speakers – users who are sat off-axis can still enjoy brilliant sound. That's perfect for a car environment, where you can't always be perfectly placed in front of the speaker.

As if all of that wasn't enough, the seats are also enhanced with bass shakers, to help you really feel the music as you drive. That kind of technology is starting to become more common these days, so it's nice to see it make an appearance here.

Let's be frank though, it's really acting as the cherry on top, here. Because that level of audio excellence running throughout is already set to make for one of the best listening experiences you can find in any car on the market.

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