This 550bhp Volkswagen ID.X makes the new electric GTI look like a Little Tikes car

A seriously fiery ID.7 concept is the all-electric super-saloon Volkswagen should really build

Volkswagen ID X Concept
(Image credit: Volkswagen)

We all got al little hot under the collar when Volkswagen announced it is to bring the GTI badge to its EV range, thanks to a recent concept car reveal at the Munich motor show. 

But a week is a long time in the automotive world, as a few days later, the manufacturer pulled the silk sheet from the ID.X Performance show car at an "electric vehicle enthusiasts" event on the picturesque shores of Lake Maggiore.

As someone who watched pumped-up super-saloons trade paint in the British Touring Car Championship, I can’t help thinking this insanely aggressive ID 7 incarnation is exactly the thing that could make Electric Touring Car Racing genuinely exciting.

But anyway, back to the gloriously muscular machine you see sat in front of you. Clearly it is based on the ID 7, but sees a "permanently excited synchronous motor" added to the rear axle and an additional motor bolted to the front.

Volkswagen ID X concept

(Image credit: Volkswagen)

The all-wheel-drive system is capable of a total output of 411kW with a bespoke boost mode, equating to 550-ish BHP in old fashioned terms. That is nearly double the output of VW’s current EV range and sees it become one of the most potent Vee Dubs in history.

So, is it coming to showrooms soon? Unfortunately not, as the manufacturer currently has no plans to make an completely insane electric saloon, which is a shame. This is a more an exercise in flexing some styling muscle.

That is manifested in the carbon fibre front splitter and rear diffuser, lowered ride height, stiffer springs, 20-inch gold alloy wheels with racy central locking mechanism and the mandatory carbon rear wing for epic downforce.

Volkswagen ID X concept

(Image credit: Volkswagen)

Halfords car park The Fast & The Furious fans will also appreciate the tinted light clusters, the bulging wheel arches facilitated by the bolt-on bodywork and the bucket seats that take pride of place inside the cabin. Red trim accents scream "schporty".

Andreas Reckewerth, head of Technology Office MEB, said: "The MEB (platform) offers many fantastic possibilities for approaching vehicle development with a great deal of creativity. 

"It was clear to us that we wanted to base our new show car on the ID.7 and that we would focus on enhancing the performance. In this way we can show what is possible."

That’s not a definite "yes" on whether this concept will see light of day, but we live in hope.

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