This 22" screen can turn Concept 2 rowing machines into smart rowers

You'd better check out this nifty rowing machine accessory that transforms Concept2 rowers into Hydrows

Women using a Concept2 rower with a Myrow screen attached
(Image credit: Myrow)

Concept2 rowers have long been the most sought-after models for indoor training, but due to the lack of interactive screens, they were a choice of pros rather than casual users.

This is all about to change, thanks to Myrow, a 22” full-colour Smart HD touchscreen that seamlessly attaches to Concept2 rowers.

Rowing machines offer an efficient, full-body workout that’s gentle on the joints. They target major muscle groups like legs, glutes, core, arms, back, and shoulders.

Often quieter than treadmills and more effective than exercise bikes, rowers are perfect for improving cardio performance, burning calories and building muscle.

But unless you have access to open waters, rowing can be a pretty boring activity. Sweating away, looking at only your stats on the tiny display of the Concept2 rower, is anything but inspiring.

This is where the Myrow smart screen comes into play. It effortlessly connects to your Concept2 rower, practically turning your non-smart rower into a full-blown Hydrow.

The brand says the tablet provides access to classes led by top-tier rowing experts, including a 2024 Paris Olympic rower, Shane Farmer of Dark Horse Rowing, and more. 

With over 85 preloaded workout videos to choose from, including FTP Zone sessions and a variety of preset plans, Myrow claims it continuously expands its content library.

Right now, you can choose from tutorials for beginners, training plans, challenges, Concept2’s 'Workout of the Day', plus you also have the ability to create custom workouts.

Robust stats and analytics keep track of progress, and syncing with Concept2’s Online Logbook is seamless. Myrow users can also connect with friends for group rows.

Available now and priced at $499 for the tablet and attachable arm (introductory offer), Myrow also requires a subscription starting at $29.99 per month with a year commitment or $35.99 per month without commitment. Visit Myrow for more information.

Matt Kollat
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