Think you're a Call of Duty champ? Wrong! This guy will beat you WITHOUT HANDS

Watch this elite gamer beats rivals despite playing games like Call of Duty Warzone and Escape from Tarkov with no hands

Call of Duty Warzone Escape from Tarkov
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Many gamers like to think they're crack shots in first person shooter games like Call of Duty Warzone and Escape from Tarkov, but that's until they get taken to school by this elite-tier gamer who beats them while playing without any hands.

Yes, that's right, no matter if the gamer is on PS5, Xbox Series X or PC, they still get pwned by Colin White, aka N.U.B.S. (an acronym for Normally Underestimated By Sight), who was born with a rare condition called acheiropodia, which meant his arms and legs didn’t fully develop.

That didn't stop Colin becoming a highly rated first person shooter champ, though, and today he stars in the latest episode of the Totally Game show. Watch him win in the video below.

Aside from his successful career as a Hip Hop musician, Colin has built a community around his game streams, where he plays shooters such as Call of Duty Warzone and Escape From Tarkov.

Colin, of Arizona, said: “I was born without arms and legs and I will absolutely destroy you on first person shooters.

“I'm in the top zero percent of Warzone. I have over 130 dubs.”

Colin uses his “nubs” to play games by hitting the keyboard keys with his left nub and controlling the mouse with his right. 

He’s become so adept at his personal technique that other players he meets online have no idea they’re playing against someone without hands.

The streamer has been playing games most of his life, and competed in his first gaming tournament around the age of 11.

“Gaming just was my escape,” he said. “Nobody could see you so they're not judging you. They don't know you don't have hands. 

“When I would play online back in the day and tell people I was killing them with no hands they wouldn't believe me.”

He’s since kept up his passion and now streams on his Facebook Gaming page ‘Odd Squad Family Gamers’ where he has 125,000 followers.

Odd Squad Family is also the name of Colin’s Hip-Hop group, made up by himself and fellow members A~Factor and Snowman.

But while he’s currently thriving, Colin has had to overcome a lot to get to this point.

I was born like this, no arms and no legs,” he explained. “The doctors said they weren't sure what happened.

“Growing up like this was hard for sure, but it made me strong I had a pretty good childhood, there were some bullies, but I had two parents that love each other and stayed together and they're still together.”

Now, Colin has learned to embrace his condition and is completely at ease with himself and even the reactions of others.

He said: “I’ve come to terms with people at first glance just thinking I can’t do stuff or doubting me. I have an understanding that people don't encounter people like me a lot.”

He’s also been with his partner, Mary – who he met in high school – for eight years, and has two children with her – Jerami and Clay.

And while being a father and navigating a Hip Hop career takes up much of Colin’s time, there’s always been room for gaming.

Mary said: “I think video games have helped Colin a lot. Our oldest son looks up to him so much and he also wants to be a streamer when he gets older.

“I just think it's amazing what Colin has done and the community that he's built.”

Colin said: “I started streaming on Twitch about six years ago and mainly it was just to show people how I game and it kind of just snowballed.”

Now streaming on Facebook Gaming, Colin has built a supportive and loyal community, and recently attempted what’s known as a ‘John Wick run’ on his new favorite shooter: Escape From Tarkov.

Named after the popular film series, a John Wick run requires players to solely use a pistol and try to survive for as long as possible.

By the end of his attempt, Colin had managed to kill two other players using his pistol, concluding that he’d had a “pretty good John Wick run”.

Once he’d finished, Colin reflected on his life in gaming: “The thing I love about games is the meditation, the absence of thought that you get when you're playing games. You're focused, you're just in the game.”

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