Thierry Henry and Marcus Rashford want you to buy this brilliant new Lego set

The Lego Ideas Table Football set is fully playable and comes with the football legends' seal of approval

Lego Ideas Table Football 21337
(Image credit: Lego)

Do you like football? Do you like Lego? Then the new Lego Ideas Table Football set was made just for you. The set, which goes on sale on the 1st of November, enables you to build your own five-a-side teams of Lego minifigures with a range of hairstyles, facial expressions and skin tones, and while it looks good as a display model it's also fully playable.

The first players to battle on the new Lego set were Marcus Rashford OBE and Thierry Henry. According to Henry, "I am very excited to see the new Lego set bring people together across the world as they master the table football game in brick form.” Rashford agrees, saying: "I love building with Lego bricks, but to now build and play football against Thierry Henry in Lego form is amazing."

The Lego Ideas Table Football set is tons of fun

Like all Lego Ideas sets, this one was created by a Lego fan – in this case 16-year-old Hungarian fan Donát Fehérvári, who submitted the design as part of the We Love Sports contest on the Lego Ideas website. The set will be officially launched as part of Lego's Joy of Play campaign in Paris, which runs from 29 to 30 October, and it'll be available from on 1 November. 

I've embedded the promo video below so you can get an idea of its size and playability. It does look like a lot of fun, but there's a bit of a downside: you might need to have a football player's salary to afford it. The 2,339-piece 21337 Table Football set is priced at $249.99 / £214.99 / AU$379.99.

I'm not a football fan so this isn't going to be one of the best Lego sets for me, but of course the world of Lego is always growing to include new kinds of sets and to attract new builders. I'm intrigued by another Lego announcement: Lego Ideas is currently asking for submissions for Dungeons & Dragons sets to celebrate D&D's 50th anniversary. 

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