These Tile Bluetooth trackers with FREE Amazon Echo Dot are the easiest deals to find this Christmas

The combination of Amazon's most popular smart speaker and these Tile trackers make finding your valuables a doddle

Echo plus Tile pro
(Image credit: Amazon)

Are you always, always losing things that were in your hand a few minutes ago? Us too, but not for long. Amazon is offering a free Echo Dot with a selection of Tile's nifty range of Bluetooth trackers. 

For those uninitiated with the useful little gadget, Tile trackers can help you keep track of just about anything – car keys, bag, wallet. If you desperately don't want to misplace it, you're probably able to clip a Tile tracker onto it. For gadgets lost around the home, a Tile Sticker performs the same job with slightly less range and volume, while the Tile Slim is an unobtrusive little credit card-sized tracker that slips into items like wallets and laptop cases.

The Tile unit communicates with your iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth, so if you leave it behind, you’ll know exactly where you left it. It can also ping its location to the apps of other nearby Tile users, making it easy to find your misplaced item – even when it's long outside of Bluetooth connectivity range.

Best of all, if you've got an item attached to a Tile in your hand, but you've misplaced your phone – you can press the Bluetooth tracker to reverse the process and make your smartphone ring (even when it's set to silent!). 

You can snap up four top-shelf Tile Pro trackers bundled with a third-generation Echo Dot for £89.99 on Amazon, saving a substantial £34.99. The entire range is on-sale now, but you can check out the full deal below:

Echo Dot 3rd Gen + Tile Pro four pack | was £139.98 | now £89.99 at Amazon
The rectangular 12.8g Tile Pro is the best performer of all the Tile trackers, with a 400ft Bluetooth range and the loudest ring of the lot. A 1-year replaceable battery means the device has more staying power than its fixed 3-year contemporaries, while the Tile app can interface with the bundled Echo Dot. Save £50 in total on this great bundle deal. View Deal

Echo Dot 3rd Gen + Tile Mate and Slim Combo four pack | was £91.99 | now £69.99 at Amazon
The Echo Dot retains the same great smart speaker functionality when paired with the other Tile devices. The Mate is the best all-rounder of the Tile trackers, with a 200ft Bluetooth range and the loud ring. The Tile Slim slips neatly into your wallet or laptop case, ensuring you can always find it if you need to. View Deal

Echo Dot 3rd Gen + Tile Essentials four pack | now £63.99 at Amazon
The Echo Dot is here bundled with a medley of different Tiles:  a rectangular Tile Mate and unobtrusive Tile Slim as in the previous bundle, with the addition of two Tile stickers. With a fixed three-year battery life, stick them to the remote, your games controllers, anything that tends to slip down the back of the sofa. View Deal

There's a key reason this multipack works so well, and that's because Tile is Alexa-compatible. Simply set up the skills on your new Echo Dot and say "Alexa, ask Tile to find my keys/wallet/handbag/similar" to activate the distinctive ringing, in addition to all the smart-speaker's other cool features.

The full range of multipacks, all bundled with the Echo Dot, can be found here. Snap up one of these great bundles and find your lost kit with nothing but the power of your voice.