These smart plugs are an essential Black Friday purchase

Allow anything in your home to respond to voice or app control with a smart plug, including your Christmas lights

Smart plug deals
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Smart plugs are such an easy way to turn your home into a smart home. Rather than buying a new WiFi-controlled model, just place a smart plug between your device and the power socket and you can turn it on and off at will – using your phone or voice. 

While being able to turn things on and off, even when you're not in the house, is cool, one of the best uses for a smart plug is when you have hard-to-reach sockets. Those plugs that are hidden behind cabinets or your bed, stopping you from easily unplugging or turning things off at the wall. 

With a smart plug, the problem is solved. You can even set multiple plugs to all turn off together. My favourite use for a smart plug though is when it comes to Christmas tree lights. Plug those lights into a smart plug and you can avoid having to crawl under the tree every time you want to turn them on and off. Plus, you can rename the plug 'Christmas tree' and use a voice assistant to turn on and off the Christmas tree lights. 

Another use I have for them is to stick on those plugs that I always think I've forgotten to turn off. Whether that's the oil radiator, or my wife's hair straighteners – stick a smart plug on that socket and you can check it's turned off without having to go back in the room. 

Luckily, there's some great deals on smart plugs among the best Black Friday deals this year. So, now that I've sold you on the idea, you can pick up some for yourself at a decent discount. Here are some of the best options. 

Oyu smart plug (two pack):  was £17.99

Oyu smart plug (two pack): was £17.99, now £13.58 at Amazon
Save 25% – These smart plugs come in a nice compact size, so won't block other sockets as some can. They work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant too, so you can set them up for voice control.

Amazon Smart Plug:  was £24.99

Amazon Smart Plug: was £24.99, now £12.99 at Amazon
Save 48% – Amazon's own smart plug is on the larger size but can be set up directly through the Alexa app (so no need to download another app).

Philips Hue Smart Plug:  was £29.99, now £25.82 at Amazon

Philips Hue Smart Plug: was £29.99, now £25.82 at Amazon
Save 14% – This one is ideal if you are looking to plug in a light and already use the Philips Hue app. It will work with Alexa or Google Assistant too.

OnePlug Smart extension lead:  was £36.99, now £28.99 at Amazon

OnePlug Smart extension lead: was £36.99, now £28.99 at Amazon
Save 22% – If you have multiple devices you want to be able to turn on and off individually, this smart extension lead lets you control each of the four plugs separately, and also the USB power.

TP-Link Kasa Mini Smart Plug:  was £19.99, now £9.99 at Amazon

TP-Link Kasa Mini Smart Plug: was £19.99, now £9.99 at Amazon
Save 50% – Kasa is our pick of smart plugs and the Kasa Mini is now 50% off, making this a very affordable option.

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