There's a budget 4K Google TV box that can do more than any Chromecast

And it's only $50 too

Onn "Pro" Google TV box
(Image credit: Superdell (YouTube))
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Walmart has partnered with Onn once more for a new streaming box, but this time inside a smart speaker.

The Onn "Pro" Google TV box costs just $50 and features the entire Chromecast-like experience.

A new Chromecast with Google TV 4K has been rumoured in recent times, but we might not even need it – US retailer Walmart has its own solution, and it can do something Google's own devices cannot.

The Onn "Pro" Google TV box has started to appear on Walmart's shelves for just $50 and not only streams 4K video, it comes inside a smart speaker that looks like a squared off version of the Nest Mini.

One influencer, Superdell, managed to buy one for a livestreamed hands-on posted on his YouTube channel.

He revealed (via The Verge) that the device supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, is powered by Google TV, and sports 3GB of RAM. There's 32GB of storage on board and it even comes with Wi-Fi 6 support for a stable fast wireless connection.

On the rear, there are HDMI and USB 3.0 ports, plus an Ethernet socket for a wired internet connection.

A post on X by @AndroidTV_Rumor also notes that the processor is the Amlogic S905X4, although we don't know how that compares with the hardware inside current Chromecast streamers.

As well as unbox the Onn box on his channel, Superdell fired it up and demonstrated  that it carries the same Google TV experience as Chromecast and several partner devices. That includes access to the apps available from Google.

It doesn't yet seem to be listed yet on Walmart's website, so it's likely only just available in-store for now. However, you can get the Google TV 4K Streaming Box from the same brand online for just $19.88.

That doesn't include the smart speaker though, so you might want to wait until a wider rollout.

Sadly, Onn products don't often make their way to the UK, so we don't have an update on when (if) the Onn "Pro" might make it over here, too.

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