There’s a chance your Nvidia Shield tablet may catch on fire

Thousands of have been recalled due to a serious battery issue

The Nvidia Shield tablet is a gaming powerhouse that might just be the hottest handheld games console on the market, literally speaking.

That's because the Android gaming slate has a tendency to catch on fire. According to Nvidia, there's a serious issue with a certain type of battery that means the gaming slate is a “fire hazard”.

Nvidia is recalling every Shield tablet sold between July 2014 and July 2015. Although because the tablet first launched on July 29, 2014, it's very likely that a large number of are going to be affected.

“Nvidia has determined the battery in these tablets can overheatand pose a fire hazard,” Nvidia explains. It continues: “Nvidia is asking customers to submit a claim for a replacement device.”

If you suspect you could be gaming on a ticking time-bomb, then here's what you have to do. Firstly, Nvidia suggests you backup your data so it's all safe and sound. The last thing you want is to lose hours worth of hard-earned progress.

Then, ironically, you must turn on the potentially dangerous slate and update to the latest software – which will be dated July 1, 2015, or newer – and then head to 'About tablet' in Settings.

Tap onto 'Status', and check the 'Battery' category. If it says B01, you're safe and sound. However, if it says Y01, you better grab a fire extinguisher and say your goodbyes – it needs replacing.

To launch the recall application, you'll just need to select the Y01 option. You must then head to Nvidia's website, where you enter your contact details and the model serial number to be assessed for a replacement. If all checks out, it shouldn't be too long before a new Shield reaches your doorstep.

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Nathan George

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