The world’s first AI-powered grill cooks steak and meat in just two minutes

SEERGRILLS set to debut the Perfecta, the world’s first AI-powered grill, at CES 2024

Lifestyle image of the SEERGRILLS Perfecta on its GrillStation stand
(Image credit: SEERGRILLS)

At CES 2024, SEERGRILLS is set to debut the Perfecta, the world’s first AI-powered grill. Using AI technology, the SEERGRILLS Perfecta is packed full of smart features including sensors, burners and customisable controls that claims to make the perfect steak and other food in a matter of minutes.

SEERGRILLS is a UK-based startup and a new and exciting name in the cooking industry. After extensive research from the founders and engineers, SEERGRILLS created the Perfecta, an AI grill that claims to be the world’s most intelligent outdoor grill on the market.

For both indoor and outdoor use, the best electric grills create delicious barbecue-style food without the need for charcoal, gas or wood pellets. With this in mind, including increased versatility and smart features, the SEERGRILLS Perfecta is the first of its kind to use AI technology to cook your favourite meals.

Looking at the SEERGRILLS Perfecta, it’s a pretty big appliance when sitting on its GrillStation stand, so you’ll definitely need a good amount of space in your garden or outdoor area for it. Aside from its vast size, the grill itself looks like a more advanced and technical microwave… and advanced, it certainly is.

Unsurprisingly, the most intriguing thing about the SEERGRILLS Perfecta is its use of AI technology. The world’s first AI grill, the Perfecta is powered by NeuralFire technology which is said to “fuse the art and science of cooking through the integration of cutting edge hardware and software technologies”. The NeuralFire technology, AI algorithms and smart sensors work with the Perfecta’s integrated dual infrared burners to cook delicious food in as little as 90 seconds.

The SEERGRILLS Perfecta has a powerful Quad Core processor and a suite of smart sensors that measure food and other environmental factors when cooking, including temperature and thickness of meat. The dual vertical infrared burners offer dual sided cooking for 360° coverage that gets closer and further from the food, as the burners pulse and move while in action.

Someone putting a pizza into the SEERGRILLS Perfecta

(Image credit: SEERGRILLS)

While operating at 1652°F, the Perfecta takes care of the cooking for you, so you don’t need to flip or turn your food for better searing or coverage. With healthier lifestyles in mind, the Perfecta makes nutritious meals 10-times faster than traditional cooking methods in a healthier and safer way. To reduce fat dripping and fiery flare-ups, the Perfecta exhausts water vapour and gas out the top for quicker clean-ups, tastier food and less risk of burns.

Aside from steak and meat, the Perfecta comes with a variety of modes to choose from, including grill, oven, pizza and rotisserie. On the outside of the SEERGRILLS Perfecta is a touchscreen which allows you to customise your meal of choice. The screen also comes with aiChef, which works to understand your personal preferences and uses this information along with the Perfecta’s smart sensors to control the burners.

As with many smart appliances, the Perfecta is compatible with the SEERGRILLS app which allows users to customise their preferences, for example, you can select how you like your steak done. Always looking to improve, the app prompts users to rate their meals which allows the grills’ AI to learn and adapt to create better and tastier food every time.

As AI continues to make its way into homes and kitchens, the SEERGRILLS Perfecta is an example of an appliance that’s been given the AI treatment but still has a strong focus on food’s taste, texture and preferences. The Perfecta will be shown for the first time at CES 2024.

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