The SodaStream MIX with Bluetooth: now ANYTHING can be fizzy. From a distance!

Getting busy with the fizzy, 21st century style

The iconic SodaStream has now had more makeovers and relaunches than Madonna, and nnow it's back again (again). Yves Béharis once again on design duties, and now it's connected and ready to fizz up anything from water to, we don't know, Marmite or something. Yeesh.

Once SodaStream let you make your own fizzy drinks, using branded sachets of sugary gloop and water. Then they rebranded it so it was basically about making your own sparkling mineral water, only with tap water.

Now there's a third way: the Bluetooth-enabled MIX uses cutting-edge carbonating tech to make, in their words, "any" liquid fizzy. Yep,SodaStream claims you'll be able to carbonate “any and all liquids, from pure fruit juices to alcoholic beverages." Now, surely you could do that with the old ones - they just didn't market it that way - but let's go with it, eh?

The device has essentially been repositioned as a high-end "microgastonomy" enabler, ready to help you rustle up Heston Blumenthal style, "experimental" cuisine, and other-worldly drinks of the type found at top-end, London-based, avant garde cocktail joints such as Purl.

It's not just the amazing new omni-fizz capabilities that sets the MIX apart from previous, lesser SodaStreams, however. It also boasts new connected tricks, joining the Internet of Things via the magic of Bluetooth.

This means you can control the machine from a companion app on your smartphone - in addition, a big colour touchscreen replaces the buttons of yore. Sticking some sort of wireless tech into an appliance isn't unheard of; we've already seen Wi-Fi enabled kettles and coffee machines. Is there a desire to quite literally "get busy with the fizzy" from a distance of up to 20 feet? We shall see (NB: we mean "no").

The SodaStream MIX will debut at Milan's Salone del Mobile next month in a specially built pop-up bar, which has also been designed by Yves Behar, but SodaStream hasn't released any pricing or availability details yet. It's aimed at “professional bar tenders and sophisticated home users”, so we reckon about 200 quid.