The next great Star Wars could arrive on May 4th – the perfect date

Tales of the Empire arrives soon

Star Wars
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Star Wars Day is very nearly upon us – this year 'May the 4th' falls on a Saturday, and you can expect to learn plenty more about what's in store for Disney's massive sci-fi universe.

While the day is likely to hold plenty of surprises, and we're certainly expecting another trailer for the upcoming live-action show The Acolyte, we know at least one new show will be launching on the day itself.

Tales of the Empire will launch on 4 May on Disney+, which at this point isn't just the best streaming service for Star Wars fans, it's basically the only streaming service worth considering for the Disney franchise. 

The show will very much mirror the structure set by Tales of the Jedi in 2022, offering up six new animated shorts, each telling a disconnect and free-standing story, with a range of running times.

Although they'll be independent, though, these shorts will definitely feature recognisable and well-known characters. The trailer shows glimpses of Darth Vader, who is a bit of a must-have if you're focusing on the Empire, but also the fan-favourite: General Grievous. 

For those who loved the Clone Wars show, it also looks like we'll learn more about the path trod by Barriss Offee, a character from that show who ultimately abandoned the Jedi order. 

So, as well as some emotional journeys that don't take as long to watch in full, there will clearly be plenty of easter eggs and references for those who are deep into the lore of the various shows that have fleshed out the world of Star Wars in the last decade. 

Star Wars Day will be the start of a likely very busy month for Star Wars fans, since the end of May also brings Star Wars Celebration, the annual convention and event for the franchise.

This will probably see more trailers drop, but also might give us a chance to hear more from Disney about some of the interesting projects it's announced – not the least of which is Daisy Ridley's return as Rey in another full-blown movie at some point down the line.

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