The new John Lewis Christmas ad for 2023 is creepy and strange yet my favourite by far

I want a Snapper Christmas tree now!

John Lewis Christmas ad 2023
(Image credit: John Lewis)

UK retailer John Lewis has finally unveiled its Christmas advert for 2023 and, well, it won't be to everyone's taste. It is to mine, though – so much so that I can safely say it's my favourite yet.

For those not in the UK, the John Lewis Christmas ad is one of the highlights of the holiday season each year. They are more like short films than commercials and are often wonderfully directed.

They have all been memorable, especially Buster the trampolining Boxer in 2016, but this year's may end up being the most talked about yet. Not least because it's creepy as heck.

Remember Little Shop of Horrors (either the stage musical or movie counts)? Well, John Lewis and its advertising agency clearly does as Snapper: The Perfect Tree stars a rapidly growing venus flytrap that is clearly inspired by Audrey II – the carnivorous alien plant.

Although I'm certainly not complaining, because it makes for a Christmas advert quite unlike any other.

I won't spoil it, but there are some great visual gags through the two-minute runtime, and an excellent ending. Bravo John Lewis, you're back!

I also want a Snapper Christmas tree myself.

Knowing John Lewis and its clever merchandising system, that's very possible – either with real venus flytraps available or, more likely, cuddly ones. I'll have to take a look.

In the meantime, I think the Christmas ad competition – which is an unwritten tradition undertaken by UK stores each year – has been won. There are some excellent other entries too, of course, not least the Aldi commercial that sends Kevin the carrot to the Christmas factory – Charlie and Willy Wonka style. It too has some jokes that adults especially will find funny.

All are worth streaming on YouTube if you don't get to see them broadcast on TV.

But first, take a look at Snapper: The Perfect Tree above. It sets a very high bar this year for sure.

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