The new Faraday Future supercar concept certainly isn't modest

The single-seat FFZero 1 is aiming to be a 'Tesla killer' with its futuristic design

If one of those wall-climbing vehicles from Minority Report had a baby with Tim Burton's take on the Batmobile there's a good chance it would look something like the FFZero 1. The electric concept car, which had rather unfairly been revealed via some leaked renders earlier in the day yesterday, is set to take on Tesla and blow it out of the clean fuel vehicle out of the water with its race car stylings.

Richard Kim, the head designer behind the FFZero 1, hasn't held back either. He's consulted NASA who advised the driver's seat should be set at a 45 degree angle to ensure optimum driving comfort; the steering wheel will have a state-of-the-art smartphone built into it and will feature an all-white interior. You know, to keep that futuristic chic moving at hyperspeed.

The claims don't stop there. Future Faraday claims the FFZero 1 will feature so many sensors that the car will be able to operate with full autonomy. So yeah, looks like the firm is going after Google's self-driving dream as well. The concept car won't be slow out of the blocks either - the FFZero 1 will purportedly be able to exceed 200mph and will be able to go from zero to 60mph in a flashy three seconds. Yes, three. Not bad, not bad at all.

Via: Faraday Future

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