This LG UltraGear 27 inch G-SYNC gaming monitor deal drops to its lowest price ever

On sale for just $279.99, save 30% on one of the best gaming monitors available today

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For those on the hunt for a new gaming monitor cheap, we have the deal for you. Amazon is dropping the LG UltraGear 27" 240Hz G-Sync gaming monitor to it's lowest price ever right now.

On sale for $279.99, this deal saves you 30% on one of the best gaming monitors available today. Featuring an ultra-smooth 240Hz refresh rate paired with an ultra-fast 1ms response time, this is a display worthy of any gamer who has to have the best.

Now: $349.99 | Was: $399.99 | Savings: $50 (13%)
LG UltraGear 27" F...

Now: $349.99 | Was: $399.99 | Savings: $50 (13%)
A high performance 240Hz 1080p gaming monitor on sale for this cheap doesn't happen often. While 4K support isn't native on this one, downscaling along with the ultra fast response times and 240Hz refresh rate more than make up for it.

A solid 1080p display for high performance gaming, LG's UltraGear displays offers gamers a FHD display built with speed in mind. While 4K support isn't native on this model, the G-Sync compatibility along with an ultra high 240Hz refresh rate offer an incredibly smooth gaming experience. Of course, downscaling is available as well so you can still play at 4K to your hearts content if you so desire.

Also, a discount of this size is pretty unheard of when it comes to high refresh rate displays. A 30% price drop is nothing to scoff off when it comes to gaming monitors on sale, especially one of this caliber. If a cheap new gaming monitor on sale is what you're after, this deal is well worth your money.

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